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Our Clients

Our services are designed to be agile and effective, just like your company. We accomplish this using the latest technology and experts that not only have experience in industry but government as well. Shanken Security Solutions offers services designed to protect against all cyber threats and fits all budgets. Our experts pride ourselves on helping you navigate all recommendations and countermeasures allowing your company to have a competitive advantage in a world of cyber threats.


New Training: The Phishing Threat

The greatest risk to your company is your employees. We provide the most effective training solutions for the number one external threat to your company... phishing. Our animated and interactive phishing training provides the skills your employees need and the metric your leadership wants.

Compromise Assessment

Let us protect your company from the inside out. Making sure you are not currently compromised or become compromised in the future.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing combines phishing attack campaigns with traditional penetration testing just as the threat would. This technique provides real world outcomes making your company stronger.

Phishing Protection

Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated in their phishing strategies for tricking your employees into giving them access to your network, taking data, or flat out stealing money.

Cyber Forensics

Are you currently navigating a cyber incident or full intrusion? Don't do it alone, Shanken Security Solutions is here to help.

Vulnerability Scanning

If you want to take the least intrusive approach to cybersecurity, vulnerability scanning is perfect for you. Shanken Security Solutions offers an automated scan that will detect and classify system weaknesses.

Log Monitoring

With the right experts watching your back we can identify threats quickly and provide the immediate countermeasures necessary to protect your company